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Chapter 5: Revolution and The Republic of Texas   Lesson 3 : Victory at San Jancinto        Essential Idea/Learning Goals  TLW analyze the Runaway Scrape and the Battle of San Jacinto.  TLW summarize the contributions of individuals during the Texas eEvolution.   TLW explain why the San Jacinto Monument is an important landmark in Texas.  TLW identify the leadership qualities for individuals during the Texas Revolution.     ELPS Objectives:  TLW learn new expressions heard during classroom instruction and interactions.     Closing Task: The students will whisper to their friend what happened at the Battle of San Jacinto.       Activities/Procedures   1. Students will finish writing and illustrating the meaning of each vocabulary word to be displayed on the social studies word wall.    2. Students will focus on the Revolution and The Republic of Texas.   3. Read from My World Texas social studies workbook on pages 198-205.       Resources  · Scott Foresman Textbook Unit 2, Chapter 5, Lesson 2, pg. 198-205.    Vocabulary Words: scout, retreat, scrape, treaty, monument     Assessment/Evaluation    Check for understanding and observation-Formal Assessment.    Summative assessment test-worksheet.     Differentiation (including reteach/extension)  Reteach:Discuss the events that led to the massacre at Goliad. As: What could have prevented thh massacre from happening?   Enrich:Have students either draw a memorial plaque design or use media to create a plaque that honors the lives lost during the Goliad massacre. Students' plaques should include symbols and a short inscription detailing the tragic deaths at Goliad.     Bloom's Questions (revised)  Why did Houston drill his troops for two weeks?  Who were the only two native people of Texas to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence?.
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